Top Paying IT jobs in 2019

What are the top paying IT jobs in 2019? Well, Information Technology has always been a ‘well-paid’ industry, however in recent years IT salaries have really skyrocketed. There are a few reasons for this. 

One prominent reason is the demand for talent, which has increased as businesses struggle to keep up with an evermore technological world. Secondly, the emergence of new roles has meant that the IT job market is expanding day by day. This coupling of a lack of qualified talent, and new roles emerging all the time has meant that some of the top paying IT jobs in 2019 can have a very healthy pay packet.

Take a look at some of the best paying IT jobs in 2019 to gain insight into the areas that you should be looking to recruit and retain talent. 

Security Tester

Similar to a security engineer, a security tester is the front line of defense when it comes to seeking out vulnerabilities. Security testers perform various penetration tests on networks, web-based applications and the IT infrastructure to ensure the safety of a network.

Ensuring company data is secure is extremely important, and any mistakes in this area of business can harbour huge costs as well as becoming a legal and moral issue. As such, security testers are highly valued members of the IT security team and can expect to earn salaries of around 79,000 euros. 

Government reports have exposed that in countries such as Norway,  a shortfall of over 4,000 experts in the niche area of IT security can be expected by 2030. It’s no surprise then, that salaries have dramatically increased in the past few years. According to IT Jobs Watch Stats In 2017 the median salary was 45,000 euros which increased to 67,000 euros in 2018 and now sits at 78,000 in 2019. 

Big Data Manager

Big data managers can expect to earn
an average salary of 100,000 euros. These roles are highly skilled, and require extensive training as they essentially manage all of the data systems for a business. Their main role is to oversee the organisation, storage and analysis of data in line with the latest security standards.

Often their role will include communicating data analytics with the relevant people and integrating stats with the company CRM. Their analysis forms the basis of recommendations on system enhancements and supports technical changes like data migrations and data storage adjustments.

IT Manager

This title is rather broad and covers an array of areas, however generally an IT manager will be in control of maintaining an organization’s effectiveness and implementing IT strategies. Their role includes directing and managing IT teams in order to successfully manage the IT infrastructure of the business. They have many responsibilities including managing projects, overseeing teams and making decisions. For this reason, they can expect to
take home salaries of around 73,000 euros.

According to reports, Sweden is one of the Nordic countries who are suffering from a lack of IT professionals the most at present.

Software Developer

Software developers have some of the highest entry level salaries, and can expect to
earn around 50,000+ euros. Certain languages are in higher demand at the moment, with Java and C++ currently booming. However, the demand for specific languages fluctuates depending on trends in developing and the current talent pool. At present, Finland currently has an immediate need for 7,000 software developers.

The reason software developers hit the list of top paying jobs in IT for 2019, is that although their average salary is a healthy 50,000 euros, many of them will freelance and take on contract roles outside of their job. This means that they are able to earn an average of 507 euros per day on top of their normal salary. Many software developers will choose to work their 9-5 and one day of their weekend, which can see them take home an extra 23,000 euros plus per year.

Software Architect

Software Architects can
expect to earn around 90,000 euros per year as their role is client-facing. In short, a software architect designs and implements bespoke software solutions in line with client needs. They are high level decision makers, who take on responsibility for the implementation of software and are therefore rewarded with a healthy salary.

The Top IT Job Facts That Might Surprise You

Take a look at some of the most surprising IT Job facts regarding the cost of skilled professionals in the Nordics.

Denmark earn more than the rest of the Nordic region, with research suggesting that average senior tech employees earning around 70,000 euros compared to 43,000 in Sweden.

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Top Paying IT jobs in 2019

What are the top paying IT jobs in 2019? Well, Information Technology has always been a ‘well-paid’ industry, however in recent years IT salaries have really skyrocketed. There are a

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